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Seth Webster is an accomplished musician, filmmaker, photographer, educator and lover of dogs. He picked up his first camera at twelve years old and has, in the past decade, once again found himself behind the lens shooting portraits, architecture, events and film projects.

Seth has a sharp eye, wit and compassion. All elements needed to make a great shooter.
— Carrie Boretz, NY Times

Seth combines artistry and passion with professionalism and dedication, earned from and recognized by such prestigious organizations such as Intuit, Michael J. Fox Foundation, and many others.

Seth uses these same qualities and resources for any project he approaches, including those personal and close to heart.


Seth's studio currently resides in New York City. The studio is host to a variety of projects, from still portraiture to film and video, commissioned arrangements to guerrilla documentaries.

Seth has an air of calmness, professionalism, and competence. You know you are in great hands when you have hired Seth to shoot your stills or video. After debating for months, hiding under my cowardice, I finally had Seth shoot my Kickstarter video. He wrote a script, moved from one shot to another seamlessly, all the while giving me the confidence to continue; this was no small task. I can’t imagine having had anyone else shoot this for me.
— -- Carrie Boretz, Author Street, NY Times Photographer